Bus back better with a bespoke BSIP platform

Bus operators across England have teamed up with their local authorities to develop Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIPs) – but the process doesn't end there. BSIPs must now be implemented, the results tracked and courses corrected to ensure they are successfully delivered.

Good data - and the means to properly interpret it - has a huge part to play in the successful delivery of Bus Service Improvement Plans.

With targets set for journey times and reliability improvements – and a requirement to report on progress in working towards or exceeding those targets, it’s more important than ever to know and understand your numbers,

The CitySwift BSIP platform

CitySwift’s BSIP platform can help you track progress against your plan. It enables bus operators and local transport authorities to visualise, track and report key metrics ‘out-of-the-box’, with no bespoke integration required.

The CitySwift BSIP platform

Passenger numbers
Ticketing data enables passenger numbers to be queried by route, time of day or ticket type.

Bus speeds
AVL data enables bus speeds and congestion data to be queried by route, or by time of day, week or month.

Journey times
AVL data also enables average bus journey times to be queried between any two points, or across an entire route.

Our specialist bus data engine automatically imports, cleans and processes this data, detecting and resolving any anomalies or inconsistencies – ensuring an accurate view of network performance at all times.

The CitySwift BSIP platform can be remotely deployed within as little as 24 hours and will immediately start delivering value and return on investment.

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