Introducing CitySwift Spotlight: The intelligent, personalised recommendation engine for high performing bus networks

Your bus network is brimming with untapped potential, just waiting to be unleashed. There are hidden opportunities to save resources, hit reliability targets, or make savvy investments. But how do you know where to start? 

In the abundance of data collected by the network, valuable insights often get lost in the shuffle. Information is scattered across data silos, different teams, and various systems. As a result, changes are frequently made on a route-by-route basis, missing out on the big picture view of the entire network. 

Today, we’re excited to introduce CitySwift Spotlight, developed with our innovation partner National Express West Midlands. This product update propels CitySwift to new heights in personalised performance optimisation and predictive analytics.

“Our collaboration with CitySwift to deliver Spotlight for the benefit of bus users across the West Midlands, and in major cities across the UK, is a groundbreaking achievement for the National Express West Midlands and CitySwift teams.”

- Ed Rickard, Network Director at National Express 

Meet CitySwift Spotlight: Your Intelligent Recommendation Engine

As pioneers in public transport performance optimisation, we're passionate about delivering real-world results for people and bus networks. Now, we're taking things up a notch. Not only can you optimise your network with CitySwift, but CitySwift Spotlight will automatically pinpoint and prioritise the best routes to optimise, tailored to your network’s unique needs. And all of this information is available at-a-glance on a single dashboard. 

CitySwift Spotlight empowers every stakeholder to spot quick wins, prioritise effectively, benchmark opportunities, and showcase the predicted impact of potential changes.

How Spotlight works: A single dashboard to analyse opportunities, recommend changes and forecast the results

  1. Select your goal: Choose from route investment, saving resources, or hitting a specific performance target.
  2. Spotlight does the heavy lifting: CitySwift identifies which routes will benefit the most from changes and prioritises them by impact.
  3. Forecasting made easy: The platform predicts the impact of changes on service performance and resources.
  4. Execute with confidence: Use CitySwift to implement the change.

Whether you're aiming to maximise investments, save resources, or meet punctuality goals, CitySwift Spotlight has you covered.

Ready to see CitySwift Spotlight in action? Contact the CitySwift team and get started on your journey to smarter, more efficient network performance optimisation.