Introducing CitySwift Simulations

Choose the optimal outcome for your bus network with runtime scenario planning and comparison capabilities.

CitySwift is pleased to announce our latest product update, Simulations! The new module is part of our Evolve product offering, and allows users to understand the performance vs resource tradeoffs of different runtime scenarios. Equipped with these predictions, users can confidently and quickly make changes that maximise assets and passenger experience – within the constraints of the bus network.

Use Simulations to:

  • Test what if runtime scenarios in a risk free, digital environment.
  • Forecast the likely performance and resource tradeoffs of proposed runtimes to mitigate risk and make intelligent decisions.
  • Quickly compare predicted runtime scenarios on a graph alongside the performance analysis of the original runtimes.
  • Choose the runtimes that balance a reliable service for passengers and maximise resources within the network’s constraints.
CitySwift Simulations for runtime scenario planning and comparisons.

Extending the power of your data and insights

CitySwift Evolve is proven at scale to identify and re-distribute excess time in the network via AI-generated runtimes, making the most of existing time in the network. Simulations extends the power of Evolve, enabling you to make decisions about your service based on knowing the outcomes for your network.

CitySwift Co-Founder and CCO, Alan Farrelly, recently spoke to Passenger Transport magazine about the power of Simulations:

 “Bus operators can’t be sure what the performance is like before they put it on the road, and they have to sit there and look at it for three months to six months before they can change it. When you think about the pain that causes to every single stakeholder. You have passengers really unhappy, shareholders really unhappy, and local authorities really unhappy… You need scenario planning. The industry needs more predictive analytics. This is only really the cusp of what is possible.

Read the article in full here.

We’d love to talk to you about how we believe simulations and what if scenarios are the future of network planning: get in touch with us.