Five things you can learn from our Public Transport Report

We recently published ‘The Public Transport Report', in which we asked public transport professionals how they feel about the Covid experience, the future of the transport sector and the role data and technology will play.

Here are five key findings from the report:

1. Public transport rose to the challenge

Public transport professionals give their own sector an eight out of ten rating for its response to Covid, with 44% believing that there is nothing they could have done differently even if they had known the full severity of the pandemic sooner.

2. Covid has accelerated use of data and technology

Over two-thirds of public transport professionals identify accelerated use of data and technology as a positive legacy of the Covid experience. Real-time passenger information, scheduling software and data analytics platforms were all useful tools.

3. Public transport must react to changed travel patterns

More than four-fifths of public transport professionals fear that the erosion of key markets, such as commuters and high street shoppers, will be a legacy of Covid. However, 64% believe the industry has demonstrated its agility during the crisis.

4. The public sector will play a greater role

Almost half of public transport professionals identify improved relations with local authority partners as a positive legacy of Covid. Those relationships now look set to intensify, with more than four-fifths expecting to see a greater role for central and/or local government in specifying and paying for public transport.

5. The decarbonisation agenda will aid the sector’s recovery 

Almost two-thirds of public transport professionals believe we are ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to see policies that constrain car use and promote public transport. 47% believe that public transport use will be ‘higher’ or ‘significantly higher’ than pre-pandemic levels by 2030.

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