Explore Update: More granular insights & new data visualisations

We have just released some updates to our data insights and visualisation module, Explore.

About CitySwift Explore

Explore offers bus networks a single source of demand, performance, and efficiency data across 40+ metrics. From the birds-eye network view, down to a single stop level, insights can be accessed anywhere, in seconds, by anyone. 

All data and visualisations are easy to export, and interpreting the data is so easy that everybody can do it regardless of experience.

What’s new in CitySwift Explore?

  • Data aggregation capabilities to each of the Stop-level pages in Explore. Easily view Punctuality, Demand, Runtimes, and Speed trends across Trips, Days, and Days of the Week.
  • Each Stop-level analysis page now contains data visualisations showcasing performance and trends, for at-a-glance insight into your Stop-level performance.
  • You can now access even more Stop-level performance insights with the new Runtimes page and Average speed page. Identify congestion and where there is excess time (or not enough time) built into your schedules, for optimal efficiency and passenger experience.
  • There is more context provided to our insights and calculations, for example you can now view the sample size of data that insights are based on.

Plus, the Stops Pages interface has had an overhaul. All dashboards, filters, visualisations designed for maximum ease of use and interpretation without any data expertise - with the ability to glean all information in seconds.

Explore’s insights benefit public authorities and bus operators.

  • Access a single source of information, fast and easy to access – accelerating time to identify issues and resolve problems.
  • Make the most of at-a-glance route benchmarking visualisation to understand performance in the context of the rest of the network, and identify where warrants a deeper analysis
  • Understand Stop-level, granular performance across any time period: time of day, day of the week, month, season, year. Get a firm understanding of what was a one-off incident, and where there are trends and problem-areas that need to be addressed.
  • Leverage CitySwift’s independent, third party insights as a basis for internal and external stakeholder collaboration. Because the data is trustworthy and granular, you can use data as a basis for decisions and as evidence to justify proposals. 

Build decisions on a foundation of quality data you can trust

Before delivering insights to the CitySwift platform, our proprietary Data Engine automatically collects vehicle location, scheduling, and ticketing data. All of this raw and siloed data is cleaned, connected, enriched and analysed – transforming raw, complex data into useful insights and visualisations about your network performance. Not only can you make data-driven decisions quickly and easily, but you can make them with confidence.

Click here to find out more about Explore, or contact us today to discuss how Explore can help your bus network to become more data-driven.