Go-Ahead's East Yorkshire Buses to use CitySwift’s big data technology to power improvements to punctuality, passenger experience and scheduling efficiency

CitySwift’s technology will vastly improve on-time performance and the customer experience across the East Yorkshire Bus network, while saving time for the Scheduling team.

In response to shifting travel patterns and congestion from the pandemic, East Yorkshire Buses is partnering with CitySwift in 2023 to leverage big data and mobility intelligence across their network.

Ben Gilligan, Managing Director of East Yorkshire Buses, said:

“2023 will be a new phase for the team at East Yorkshire Buses as we put a greater emphasis on big data and runtime optimisation to power our network, helping our teams to meet and exceed our goals.”

Stuart Fillingham, Head of Commercial at East Yorkshire Buses added,

“We are thrilled to be able to use big data and AI powered runtimes to support our talented commercial team, giving them time back in their day so they can focus on more strategic decision-making for the network, passengers and drivers.” 

Using CitySwift’s Evolve module, East Yorkshire Buses will automate data analysis from big data sources across their network. CitySwift’s engine will transform all of this big data analysis and insight into AI-powered runtimes.

These runtimes will drastically improve punctuality for the network and service reliability for passengers. The automated analysis and schedule optimisation on the CitySwift platform will turn weeks and months of analysis into hours and minutes for the Scheduling team.

CitySwift CEO, Brian O’Rourke, commented:

“We’re looking forward to working with the East Yorkshire Buses team across 2023 as they use mobility intelligence to deliver a reliable and punctual service while balancing resources and passenger demand in their network.”

The team at East Yorkshire Buses will benefit from CitySwift’s rapid deployment and scenario modelling capabilities as they approach network planning from a customer-centric perspective, in response to the pandemic and the resulting new movement patterns and congestion challenges.