East Riding of Yorkshire Council takes a data-driven approach to bus network growth through CitySwift partnership

CitySwift’s Decision Intelligence platform will enable East Riding of Yorkshire Council to accurately track bus usage data to ensure the network meets passenger needs.

CitySwift will be used by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to monitor and analyse local bus network operations, enabling them to support the delivery of bus services to passengers.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council was one of 63 local authorities in England to be awarded first-year Bus Service Improvement Plan Plus (BSIP Plus) in May 2023. Granted as part of the government’s Bus Back Better, National Bus Strategy for England, this funding is now being invested in improving and protecting bus services in Yorkshire and Humber through an Enhanced Partnership. East Riding of Yorkshire’s Enhanced Partnership facilitates collaboration between the council and local bus operators with the objective of recovering bus patronage to pre-COVID levels.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council will use CitySwift’s platform to:

  • Analyse punctuality and compliance to save time in the bus network and ensure accuracy of investment decisions
  • Identify where congestion is having the biggest impact on passengers to enable the implementation of focused bus priority measures
  • Visualise network, route and stop level performance to facilitate data-driven collaboration with operators
  • Understand passenger movement patterns down to a stop-level to confidently introduce infrastructure, like bus shelters and real-time displays, that improve the passenger experience 

Colin Walker, Transportation Services Group Manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, commented:

“Collaborating effectively with local bus operators is crucial to delivering the key objectives set out in our BSIP. CitySwift will provide our Enhanced Partnership with the data-based insights we need to make informed decisions that will support socially necessary bus services and the successful delivery of our plans to grow the East Riding bus network.”

Alan Farrelly, CCO and Co-founder of CitySwift, added:

“Our partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council is a significant one for CitySwift, as we continue our UK expansion into local transport authorities. Providing these authorities with reliable, accurate data-based insights to execute BSIP objectives unlocks their ability to deliver a service that truly meets passenger needs.”

If you want to find out more about how CitySwift can supercharge your network with data and AI, contact us.