The Data-Driven Bus Operator eBook

We're pleased to announce the publication of a new CitySwift eBook, 'The Data-Driven Bus Operator' – a guide to how big data, AI and machine learning are being used by modern bus operators around the world.

The coronavirus pandemic has presented bus operators all around the world with challenges that they never could have anticipated. It has been a steep learning curve, but it has been one that has offered new insights and innovations.

One thing the bus industry has come to learn with Covid-19 is just how important data is. Savvy operators have harnessed the power of data like never before during this crisis – and there’s no going back. The era of the data-driven bus operator has well-and-truly begun.

As society continues to adopt new technologies, increasing amounts of data are being produced as a side-effect of their use. It means that there are a wide variety of big data sources just waiting to be tapped into by bus operators – who can now employ advanced data analytics technology to integrate and interpret it.

The insights gleaned can be transformational, not only in assisting in the process of reducing costs and realising efficiencies, but also transforming the bus passenger experience. The potential is vast.

The Data-Driven Bus Operator probes how big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used by modern bus operators around the world; how technology can assist in the vital task of planning and scheduling bus networks; and how leading industry figures see the potential of data and technology moving forward.

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