Blackpool Transport to supercharge bus network operations with CitySwift's big data and AI platform

CitySwift’s data platform will improve data quality, speed up network performance analysis, deliver new insights, and optimise runtimes to improve service punctuality and reliability.

Blackpool Transport plans to supercharge bus network operations with data and AI, and will use CitySwift’s Explore and Evolve modules across their entire bus fleet to achieve this.

James Clough, Commercial & Finance Director at Blackpool Transport commented:

“The CitySwift suite of products will significantly improve our ability to monitor and report on service performance at speed, massively reduce reporting timelines and supercharge our team with data-driven insights based on clean, reliable data. In addition, their optimisation and simulation tools will help us to improve service performance and reliability for our customers.”

Using CitySwift’s Explore module, Blackpool Transport will automate data cleaning and analysis from big data sources across their network. CitySwift’s engine will transform the quality of the network’s data, enabling intelligent and data-driven decision making, while speeding up analysis and shortening reporting timelines with new and reliable insights into network performance.

The team at Blackpool Transport will leverage CitySwift’s Evolve module to create AI-powered runtimes at speed that best optimise services for optimal punctuality and reliability. The Evolve module will vastly improve the efficiency of the schedule change preparation process, with quick and easy access to schedule optimisation features.

CitySwift CCO, AlanFarrelly, commented:

“CitySwift is excited to enable another innovative bus network to use data and AI to power operations. This partnership with Blackpool Transport will transform the network’s big data into intelligent decisions and better service for passengers across the network.”

The team at Blackpool Transport will benefit from CitySwift’s rapid platform deployment over the coming weeks, gaining fast access to network performance trends and patterns over days, weeks, months and years.  

If you want to find out more about how CitySwift can supercharge your network with data and AI, contact us.